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As the world continues to grow and demand more energy, Seadrill is ready to help to unlock that energy in the safest and most efficient way.

We operate the youngest fleet of all the major offshore drillers, managed by a highly trained and experienced team. Our modern fleet has the scale, footprint and flexibility to meet the needs of all our customers in harsh and benign environments. Our Western and Eastern hemisphere operating structure provides a specialist, targeted and coordinated service in all the major offshore markets.

We recognize the huge impact that advanced technology is having on our industry. That’s why we continue to put technology and digital transformation at the heart of our strategy. We are gaining real-time data from our fleet to make data-driven decisions that improve performance, safety and efficiency for our customers.

Safety remains front and centre of everything we do. We have an experienced and diverse workforce, coupled with industry-leading training to attract, develop and promote talent and uphold our proven safety track record.

Today we have a sustainable financial structure that puts us in the strongest possible position to capitalise when the industry recovers and deliver to the highest standards.

In this ever-changing world, Seadrill will never stop working to meet the future needs of our customers and help to meet the world’s demand for energy. We aim to be the very best at what we do. Seadrill is the future of offshore drilling.

“We have set out our strategy which integrates digital innovation with improving safety and maintaining the youngest and most modern fleet of all the major drillers. I believe we are fit for the future, with a sustainable financial structure that allows us to meet the needs of an evolving market and deliver meaningful benefits to our customers today and in the future”.

Anton Dibowitz,

CEO and President, Seadrill

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We are Safety conscious, Accountable, Inspirational, Loyal and Proactive in all that we do and in every decision we make.

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We have simplified our organizational structure to focus on core markets in core regions.

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